Warrior Dash 2010 Race Day!

It FINALLY arrived!  After almost 2 years of hard work (6 months dedicated specifically to this race), I competed in (and finished!) the Warrior Dash – Northeast!  We left home at 6:00 a.m. to travel 3.5 hours to Windham Mountain in New York.  Traveling through most of the morning definitely presented some obstacles as far as pre-workout nutrition (and bathroom stops), but we managed and arrived on time to grab our race packets (which included T-shirts, race bib, timing chip, and a fuzzy warrior helmet).  Yes, you read that right – this is THAT kind of race.  We warmed up and made our way to the starting area (with 500 of our closest friends), and waited for our wave to start.  It was around this time that I REALLY looked at the course – and noticed that the hill at the beginning appeared to have no end!  The nerves really started kicking in!  The race began with much fanfare and fire!

Here I am, partway up the course!

The first 1.5 miles was consistently uphill with occasional obstacles (tires, climbing walls, “tunnels of terror”), but the remainder was a nice mix of uphill/downhill/obstacles.  The first real “Warrior” obstacle was the “Slithering Swamp.”  It looked like a really big puddle, but actually was a small pond – over my head in some areas – that was full of mud and probably 50 degrees!  It was cold enough that the air seemed to shoot out of my lungs when I first submerged.   Things got real at this point (halfway through – haha), and I definitely got into the spirit of the race.  The rest of the race was a variety of climbing, crawling through mud, and maneuvering over bridges and difficult terrain.

Just before the "Cargo Climb"

When I reached the end of the course, I was immediately impressed by the genius of the race coordinators.  Three of the most fun, most hyped obstacles were at the very end of the race – the “Catskill Slide” (a slip and slide for adults!), the “Warrior Roast” (jumping over fire), and the “Muddy Mayhem” (a giant mud pit with barbed wire running over it).  As we neared this last phase of the race, every person’s energy level picked up again as we heard the live music and crowd cheering as everyone completed these obstacles.

The “Catskill Slide” was easily the most fun obstacle of the day, since it was fast, easy, and something that just can’t be duplicated in any other situation.  I could hear Jeb’s enthusiastic, “Whoooo hoooo” as he flew down one of the other slides.  It involved tarps, fire hoses, and diving headfirst into a little chute/slide.

Next, we tackled the “Warrior Roast.”  This one scared me.  After looking at photos online, I expected a 6-inch high pile of smoldering charcoal – NOT the case!  These fires (two of them) were about knee-high, and my legs already felt like they were full of lead (and mud and water, but that’s another story).  I silently hoped my survival instinct would take over, and went for it!  It wasn’t as hard as I expected, and I definitely felt pretty excited!

Finally, it was time for “Muddy Mayhem,” the most hyped obstacle of them all.  It was a large mud pit with barbed wire running over the top of it – so racers had to crawl under the wire in cold, wet mud.  After this, it was a sprint to the finish – complete with a medal, bananas, and water for all!  Also, post-race festivities included a free beer for those of us in the 21+ group!

Crossing the Finish Line

Overall, the race was well-organized and really fun.  It was a lot more extreme than I expected, but we loved every minute.  We were pretty banged-up for a couple days, but were able to recuperate with a nice protein/veggie dinner and a LOT of sleep and mobility work.  It also felt like it took forever to get the mud out of our hair!

Jeb and I post-race

The atmosphere was so positive and fun – people wore wacky costumes and congratulated each other on finishing.  There was live music, entertainment (hatchet throwing??), and the aforementioned free beers and fuzzy helmets!

Jeb's enjoying the post-race festivities

We can’t wait until next year – we’re hoping the Dash will come to New England.  If not, though, we will be PREPARED for that mountain!

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  1. So do you have your tickets for 2011 yet?? 🙂


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