Should I compete in Powerlifting?

I’m considering signing up for a Powerlifting meet.  The thought is scary and exciting, but I think I might go for it.  At this point, these are my thoughts:

I have always prided myself on my strength.  I’m no superwoman, but I’ve always felt successful in the gym when trying to improve in weight.  While my physique goals haven’t changed, it can be tough to focus on that all the time for a LONG time, so I’ve started training more for performance, and less for fat loss.  I’m still eating intelligently, and still seeing results (although more slowly than in the past, my clothes are still getting looser and I’m close to fitting into a smaller size), so I’m ok with shifting my focus.  Plus, if I’m stronger, my fat loss workouts will be more intense in the future, right?


I’ve never competed in any of the strength sports, and always got super-anxious about competing in individual sports (track, swimming), so I’m wondering how I will feel about standing up in front of people in a singlet and trying to move some heavy weight.  I’m not a teenage girl anymore, though, so I’m thinking I should be able to handle it.


Since I’m still relatively new to heavy lifting, I have a long way to go to REALLY be competitive.  Will I get discouraged?  Probably on some level, but it could help push me to improve faster.


I know I will never be one of those lifters who gains a ton of weight just to get stronger.  Just acknowledging that is a relief.


I would only compete Raw and in drug-free meets.  I simply can’t support untested meets – financially or otherwise – unless I find out more information than I know now.  I certainly will only compete drug-free personally.


I don’t think that this would end up being my only focus in the gym for years to come.  I think I would still train for other goals, and am definitely still working on getting smaller overall.


I’m still pulling together resources now and will probably try to go watch a meet in November.  If things seem as I think they will, though, I may end up following Todd Durkin’s advice and approach it with a “Ready, Fire, Aim” philosophy!

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