Changing up my program

I’ve been doing some thinking about my current program.  While I LOVE 5/3/1 and am so excited with all my strength gains, it’s becoming clear to me that it isn’t a good long-term program for my body.  It is designed to be long term, but I’m finding that I need to mix things up a bit more.


I had a fantastic week of workouts.  I hit PRs with style all week, and then had some killer accessory workouts.  It was fun.  My body, however, is screaming at me.  I was planning to go to my favorite kettlebell class this morning, but when I woke up achy and tired today, I decided to take a rest.  Even my grip muscles are smoked – they tingle a bit when I make a fist.  Even after skipping today’s workout, I still feel really run down.


I have been (slowly) reading Todd Durkin’s book, The Impact Body Plan. It take s a holistic approach to fitness and has a circuit-based structure.  I think it will be a drastic change from what I’m doing, but it also will give my body an opportunity to REALLY change.  Plus, it’s a 10-week program, and there are 10 weeks left in 2010.  The timing couldn’t be better.


I’m a little sad to say goodbye to 5/3/1, even though it’s undoubtedly only temporary.  I still am toying with competing in powerlifting, and feel strongly that my efforts in 5/3/1 will only make Impact more effective.


Looking forward to the change…

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