Training Log

Another successful Deadlift Day!

Yesterday, I approached my workout with some trepidation.  My workouts all week had been GREAT, and I was starting to feel a little bit of the wear and tear.  I was worried that my  hard work all week would negatively effect my important Thursday ritual.  Deadlifting isn’t my favorite exercise (Squats are), but I’ve learned to love them – especially after my gym got bars with a smaller diameter and bumper plates.  Suddenly, my stubby little fingers can reach all the way around the bar and my range of motion is much more realistic.  My numbers have been improving steadily since I’ve been working with the progressions in 5/3/1 and, even more so, since I have had those other little boosts.  Yesterday’s workout:


3 @ 100#

3 @ 115#

15 @ 130#


Hip Thrusts:

2 sets of 15 @ 45#


Single-leg Romanian Deadlift:

2 sets of 8 @ 16kg


Normally, I can hit 8-10 reps on my last heavy set – but FIFTEEN??  I was so excited (still am!).  Also, you may have noticed, but I decided to cut my accessory work since I had such a productive session in my main lift and was feeling so exhausted.  All in all, though, a successful day!


Have you tried Deadlifting?  You should, especially if you’re a woman.

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