New Program (and a busy weekend)

I keep thinking that it must be almost Friday…but it’s not.  I have a full week of business before another crazy weekend.  This past weekend FLEW by so quickly.  On Saturday, I had to find a costume for a Halloween party with some of Jeb’s coworkers.  This was (perhaps unnecessarily) stressful for me, since I do not enjoy dressing up in a costume.  I think it feels too “out there” and vulnerable.  Also, Jeb got some fake blood for his costume that was a little TOO realistic.  I wasn’t expecting him to be wearing any makeup yet and when I turned around and saw “blood” leaking out of his ear and mouth, I was nauseated – and freaked out!  (At this point, I want to note that normally, blood does not nauseate me, but I cannot stomach ANYTHING – pain, blood, etc. if Jeb is the one dealing with it) When he saw the look on my face, Jeb washed off the most offensive of the makeup and we went to the party without further incident.  On Sunday, we got up early to help some friends move.  They had a fair amount of stuff and moved in to a 3rd floor apartment!  All of my workouts paid off, though, since I was easily able to keep up with everyone else and get the job done.


I started the new program – The Impact Body Plan – on Saturday too.  Today, I completed the second strength workout.  It is TOUGH.  I think part of the problem is that I hadn’t done anything with this much volume in awhile.  Also, rest times are short, so the cardio aspect is much more difficult than what I had been doing.  Each workout concludes with “Grand Finale Conditioning” which can be done with any kind of cardio – treadmill, elliptical, rower, etc.  On Saturday, I used the rower, and today I pushed the sled.

I’ve decided to change up my training logs.  These workouts are specific and all listed in the book, so instead of blogging the specifics of each workout, I will simply comment on them.  Today was particularly challenging after the busy weekend, but I was happy to push through all of that and have a good workout.  I can’t believe how much of a difference rest times make in the amount of work that can be done.  Normally, I can easily do 10 pushups if I’m rested.  This program requires 20 pushups after 20 weighted lunges.  I had to use a rack to do incline pushups just to get in all the reps.  Hopefully my body will adjust quickly and I will be back on the floor in no time.  The dramatic change in programming is definitely testing my ego, since I have had to drop weight in nearly every exercise.

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