Kettlebell class (and Renegade Row SUCCESS!)

I’ve had a long week.  Last night, when I was finally sitting down to unwind a bit before bed, I noticed a message on my Facebook page from the kettlebell instructor at my gym.  She was wondering if I was planning to attend class this morning, since the other woman who usually takes it would be out sick.  This is a drop-in class, and I take it whenever I can, but sometimes I’m just feeling too tired and I decide to take a rest day.  Of course, this doesn’t mean any extra sleep; Fridays are trash/recycling day in my neighborhood so my sleep is unfailingly interrupted by the sweet cacophony of my two dogs protecting the house (how’s that for poetic??).  Remembering this, I quickly replied that I was planning to attend (but omitted Jeb’s suggestion that I remind her that I need to function this weekend).  I had trouble sleeping last night, but got up on time and went to the gym.

The Class

I had time for a good warm-up, so I was ready to go when the instructor, Pam, arrived.  We started the workout, and Pam reminded me that I could rest as needed since there were no other participants.  Despite my long week, I felt great.  The longest round of the entire workout included sets of Renegade Rows.  Are you familiar with them?  Here’s a good video description of how to do them:

This guy makes them look easy, but they are NOT!  In the past, I simply hadn’t been able to do them.  They require a combination of strong core stability, shoulder stability, and plain strength while rowing.  I probably haven’t even attempted the exercise in a solid six months, so I was a little nervous.  I also knew that my strength had definitely improved so I decided to go for it.  I was able to get all my reps (except one on the first set) with 20kg!!  It is SO satisfying to have improvement like that!  I eeked out the rest of the workout, and felt energized when I left the gym.


And now, for the weekend…

We got some good news on the personal front this morning, so our moods are more relaxed than they have been in months!  We may run some errands tonight or tomorrow, and maybe even work on some painting and home improvements.  Jeb and I are thinking of having a New Year’s party, so we’re trying to get everything all fixed up.

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