How a little podcast helped me change my life…

I’m a long-time listener of The Fitcast, a weekly podcast about Fitness, Nutrition, and a little bit of pop culture.  It features 3 hosts (usually):  Strength Coach Kevin Larrabee (who created the show), Physical Therapist Jon Fass, and Trainer/Nutrition Expert Leigh Peele who discuss a variety of topics inspired by current trends in fitness and nutrition, and answer questions submitted by listeners.

The podcast has been incredibly helpful to me on my weight loss journey.  At my starting weight, I was embarrassed and ashamed, and I didn’t really know where to start.  I also didn’t really have anyone to talk to about my experiences and fears, and I started to struggle to keep my head in the game.  Since there were about two years’ worth of old episodes on the books when I started listening, I was able to listen to 1-2 episodes a day while commuting.  Since I spent so much time thinking about health and fitness from the perspective of these experts, my own perspective started to shift.  It helped me change my identity – from the fat girl who ruined her body to a girl who made some mistakes but was making permanent changes.  This was so key for me in the early stages of my weight loss.  So many times, I would become frustrated – when you’re as overweight as I was, it takes awhile to notice the changes – so I didn’t have the external motivation of compliments and could not really see physical differences in myself.  I was scared of my relationship with food, and I was scared about my training – what if I missed a workout or miscalculated my macros and spiraled out of control again?  Listening to the FitCast helped me stay sane.  I also learned how to maximize my efforts and, while I still have a lot of weight to lose, I am stronger and have better mobility than ever.  I train with a purpose.  Plus, aside from a few weird experiences, this overweight female gets some respect in the weight room!! 🙂

The FitCast has helped me to see my health and physical abilities in new ways.  I’m motivated to push myself beyond my limits and am not spinning my wheels or following the advice of some idiotic guru in a celebrity magazine.  I’m sure volunteering for a weekly podcast can seem thankless – especially for people as busy as the three hosts are – but I also hope they know that their time and their advice has helped one girl jump some big hurdles.

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