Turkish Get Ups

I LOVE me some Turkish Get Ups.  This was not a crazy love-at-first-sight kind of situation.  TGUs were more of a slow burn.  They’re a fantastic full-body kettlebell exercise – but they BURN at first.

I’m not a “combat athlete” but I think this exercise is great for everyone.  Jeb has finally started drinking the kettlebell Kool Aid and has decided to start with the RKC program minimum (swings and TGUs).  For his first TGU workout, he asked me along.  Since yesterday was my rest day, I figured I would go and help him with form.  His workout was 5 minutes of TGUs.  Sounded sinister to me, but I couldn’t resist trying it out.  I did the workout (got 12 reps), and definitely felt a bit achy and sore in all the right places today!  So much for a rest day, but it didn’t negatively impact my recovery.  In fact, I think it helped keep my joints from tightening up since I had a good warm-up and got my heart rate up!

I think TGUs are fantastic for most people, but if you want to try them, please seek out an instructor who knows what they’re doing.  Start with light weight too!  It’s all fun and games until someone drops a kettlebell on their head!

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