Another good day

I won’t post specifics now, but suffice to say that I am making progress.  My workout was good, and I’m finding that the healthful choices I am making with my food are making the deficit easier.  Today was my first test of compliance, I think – I had a bunch of meetings and to teach a CPR re-cert so I wasn’t able to eat at my usual times.  I work in a quiet building, essentially alone, so I have a lot of flexibility with meals.  Today, though, I was at our main campus, where staff are offered a yummy hot lunch.  I got hungry, and the food smelled great – but I stuck to the plan. 🙂


Plugging along…

2 responses to this post.

  1. Good for you. I’ve had a couple of days of meetings/meeting food. It’s a challenge. Made worse for me by less ability to get up and move to burn those NEAT calories.


  2. Thanks! I HATE sitting in meetings – I get so fidgety and then, strangely, I’m really lazy later in the day. I’m so grateful that I can get up and move around most of the time at my job. How do you manage these situations? I’m always interested to hear how others overcome this stuff so I can steal ideas and not reinvent the wheel!


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