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Only One Workout Away from a Good Mood

I don’t remember where I originally heard that, but I think it’s becoming one of my mantras.  Right now, my focus is all about mindfulness and balancing the hard work in my life with the fulfillment that comes from doing something exciting.  Sometimes, though, we all have to put our noses to the grindstone and get some stuff done.  It’s part of life, right?  I’m in a phase like that right now, and each morning I wake up with a to-do list already started.  I was feeling a little frustrated this morning, but I dragged myself to the gym.  It’s deadlift day, after all.  In the parking lot, I sat and listened to just a little bit more of my audiobook – and then I caught myself.  I went into the gym, and began my warm-up.

I felt GREAT!

I was definitely moving better than I have in awhile.  I pushed myself and hit a PR in the deadlift.  After a tough kettlebell workout yesterday, my shoulders were tired, but I got through it.  Today’s workout:


5 x 95#

5 x 110#

15 x 125#

One-Arm Row

3 x 10 @45#

Kettlebell Swings

3 x 10 @24kg (53#)

Single Arm/Single Leg Romanian Deadlifts

3 x 8 @12kg (26#)

Not so bad.  I’m particularly excited about my deadlift numbers.  Deadlifting is normally my least favorite “big” lift, but I’m growing to love it.  Some recent tweaks on my form courtesy of some excellent resources from Eric Cressey and Tony Gentilcore have definitely helped.  I’m making steady progress in this lift and am looking forward to later in this training cycle when I can hit a PR with weight rather than number of reps.

During my Thursday workouts, there is normally another woman working out with a trainer.  She works hard, and I’ve always been impressed and motivated by her.  Today, she told me that SHE was impressed by ME!  Wow – that felt pretty good.  Between my post-workout happiness, and the compliment, I feel ready to face whatever life throws at me.

I really try to always remember how great I feel post-workout, both mentally and physically.  It really helps me find the motivation to hit the gym when everything else feels overwhelming.  Plus, it’s not safe (or even really possible) to NOT be mindful while moving some heavy iron, so I get those benefits too.