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Checking in

I haven’t been great about checking in lately.  I’m still plugging along on my diet, and training is going really well.  In fact, I hit PRs in ALL my major lifts this week – while in a deficit! 🙂  My weight loss is consistent – about 1.5 pounds a week.  Jeb has started following the same cycling program and lifting program as me, which makes things nice – and makes it easier to stick to my low days when I’m at home!  I’m jealous, though – he is SO good with diet consistency.


I’m pleased to announce (or terrified…you pick) that I will be running the Ras na hEirann on March 13 with some people from work.

I’m a little nervous.  Not only do I shy away from running if the temperature drops below 30, but this will mark a big change in my work identity.  No one at work thinks of me as an athlete -and I’m not…really.  But, I train like one.  I’ll keep training and hope for the best – not going for any lifelong PRs here (but I’ll probably get an adulthood PR).  Honestly, what more can I expect from myself?  I am really working on respecting my body enough not to hate on it when it isn’t progressing fast enough.  It took 8 years to get me to my “rock bottom” moment, so I can’t expect to get back to where I want to be in 2.

Happy Veteran’s Day!

And Happy Birthday to my mother-in-law! 🙂


I would like to take a moment to remember all my friends and family who are veterans or actively serving members of the military.  Thanks for all the sacrifices you have made!


Now onto today’s workout…

I fully intended to complete another Impact workout today, but I overslept and had to get to work by a certain time (which, fortunately, is unusual for me).  Since Jeb didn’t have to work today, I seriously contemplated staying in bed and skipping a workout – especially since yesterday’s “cardio” day turned into heavy deadlifting!  Instead, I decided to go out for a run.  It was a bit chilly – about 35ºF – but I bundled up and got out there.  Today is the first day that the sun was shining, so I really enjoyed it.  I didn’t go too far today – less than 2 miles – but I really tried to push the speed and I’m feeling a welcome burning sensation in my quads now.  This run also did wonders for me mentally – I was pretty stressed out this morning, but feel better now.


Tonight, we’re going to my mother-in-law’s house for her birthday dinner.  We’re bringing the baked macaroni and cheese.  This is NOT something that I will make for myself – it’s just not worth the calorie bomb – but it is SO worth it for a treat! 🙂  If we have time, we’re going to try and get more of the house organized too since our new furniture comes on Saturday!

Gorgeous Fall Day! (and a run)

It is positively GORGEOUS out today!  The air is finally dry, but still warm and slightly breezy.  I went out for a jog this morning to get in my “conditioning” workout of the week.  I hadn’t jogged at all since the warrior dash (about 5 weeks ago), and I was shocked at how much I had lost in terms of my running ability.  I’ve still been working out consistently, and I know my cardio has been good, but my legs just aren’t used to pounding the pavement right now.  I pushed myself, but was smart about it – I don’t want to get injured.  I ran only 1.6 miles, but there were some good hills in there.  Plus, my muscles are really tired from all my other workouts this week – plus helping friends move on Sunday.  It was really nice to be outside enjoying the sunshine for (what may be) one of the last truly NICE days of the year.


I paused a couple times along my route to take some photos of some of the trees changing in my neighborhood.  I have a nice camera on my phone, but I’m not good at taking really good pictures with it, yet.  I should work on that! 🙂

I love the puffy clouds in the first picture.  The tree in the third picture is actually VERY pretty right now, but my lighting was off – bummer.  I’m hoping Jeb and I are able to take the dogs hiking this weekend – I want to enjoy this warmer weather as much as possible before it’s gone!  We might end up working on the house, though – which is also good to finish while the weather is nice.

I’m definitely going to have to continue jogging. I want to be competitive in the Warrior Dash next year, so I don’t want to have to start running “from scratch” again next year!