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Challenge Goals

As indicated in my previous post, I am participating in a transformation challenge on the membership site.  Here are my goals:

Full Challenge Goals:

  • Lose between 15 and 30 pounds.  I will be satisfied with 15, and thrilled with more.
  • Get a feel for true maintenance.  Know what my body feels like at maintenance and approximately how many calories are my maintenance (right now).
  • Improve my sleep, both in quantity and quality.  Incorporate effective strategies to help me wind down at the end of the night.
  • Become more aware of the emotional attachments I have to food (and eventually eliminate them).
  • Devote 30-45 minutes each night to self-care.


Objectives to Meet Goals:

  • Focus on following cycling program accurately to ensure compliance.
  • Aim for 100% compliance on training.  This will give me an emotional boost to help me – I always feel better when I train.  Plus, I will gain more confidence knowing I am sticking to the program.
  • Identify and prepare at least one new healthy recipe each week and blog about it to avoid diet boredom.
  • Identify one fun activity to do with Jeb each weekend that is NOT food related.

The Weekend FLEW by!

I kind of can’t believe it’s Monday again already! We had a great weekend – even though it was too short.  Jeb got good news at work on Thursday, and we planned to celebrate on Friday.  Unfortunately, I got out of work late, and we ended up grabbing a quick dinner at home and watching a movie (Harry Potter 6).  Wendy watched it with us.


Princess Wendy

So angelic – there’s even a little halo of light around her head!  Of course, Jeb and I both forgot that Harry Potter movies are very long, and stayed up much later than we anticipated.  Saturday morning, I was the Queen of Productivity – for about 1 hour (I made us an AWESOME breakfast!).  Then, I became sleepy and let Jeb convince me to snuggle up together while we planned the rest of our day.  Three hours later, we both had taken a power nap, and STILL hadn’t planned our day!  Whoops! (yes, I realize that a “Power Nap” by definition lasts 20 minutes or so – but I’m sticking with it!)


We ended up going to see Harry Potter 7, which was awesome!  We both felt like the movie left out some important details, but overall it was very well done.  We’re pretty excited to see the final movie, though I must admit that I will miss them!  This series is one of my favorites, but it’s hard to find the time to sit and watch the movies at home.  Am I alone in this?  I have such a hard time relaxing at home for long periods of time.  I always feel like I should be doing something. Maybe part of this is worry that I will become sedentary again and gain back all the weight.  We also grabbed a late dinner at the Met Burger Bar (I got the Paris Chicken burger), and headed home.  Everything seemed a bit wacky at the mall – maybe from the full moon?


Full Moon from the driveway

People think I’m crazy when I say this, but I firmly believe that the full moon affects people.  From years working in EMS and mental health, I barely even have to check the calendar to know that the full moon is coming.  Everyone gets a bit unsettled, and the craziest things seem to happen around the full moon.  Keep an eye on it – you’ll see the correlation!

On Sunday, Jeb and I went to the gym.  He did part of my workout with me (which was a BEAST), and then we went home to “get stuff done.”  We ran some errands and I made a yummy game-time dinner and Baked Alaska for dessert (more to come on that).  Jeb took a nap on the couch…I mean, watched the game. 🙂

All of a sudden, though, the weekend was over!  There were so many things I wanted to accomplish – especially with the holiday coming up!  Back to the grind today!

Weekend Update and Week 2 of Impact

We had a busy Halloween weekend!  We’ve been working on some remodeling of our house (after the Ice Storm of 2008 pretty much destroyed part of it), and we are FINALLY near the finish line!! 🙂  On Saturday, we did some painting and shopped for new floors.  We’re thinking of going with Laminate flooring for durability’s sake.  I think I would LOVE hardwood, but the hardwood in the rest of our house took some damage from the water, and the peace of mind knowing that it will last is very appealing right now.  As a result of all this extra work, I did not get in my workout on Saturday.  It was just as well, though, since I was still feeling pretty beat up from my other workouts last week.


On Sunday, we were both pretty tired.  We ran errands, did some work in the yard (raked and planted bulbs!!) and went over to my parents’ house for dinner and trick-or-treating with my niece.  This was a great option for us – for several reasons.  First, we got to walk around with Talia (the elephant!) for her first REAL Halloween (even though it’s her 2nd, I doubt she remembers much of the first one!).  Also, we avoided spending $50+ on Halloween candy, since our neighborhood is the kind that gets TONS of trick-or-treaters.  It was really nice (and conducive to my goals) to wake up on November 1st without any extra candy lying around the house.

Talia the Elephant!

Speaking of goals, Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups are NOT helping.  Seriously, these are what Reese’s will always aspire to be.  However, I WILL RESIST the dark chocolate, salty goodness for the rest of the year!  As a reward, I will buy myself a nice outfit to wear on New Year’s Eve – in what will undoubtedly be a better body sans PB cups.

Also, I’m working damn hard in the gym, and am starting to think that it would, in fact, be worth it to count calories just to get through the holidays.  Thoughts?

Workouts are going well now.  I’m getting used to the pace of the Impact workouts and have a bit more confidence when trying new exercises.  I’m stronger than I thought!  Hopefully, all this home remodeling won’t keep me from too many workouts.  I will be getting plenty of activity, so I’m trying not to stress too much – but I also want to stick with the program.  Tonight, we buy floors!

On a side note, don’t forget to vote!  It’s important!

Kettlebell class (and Renegade Row SUCCESS!)

I’ve had a long week.  Last night, when I was finally sitting down to unwind a bit before bed, I noticed a message on my Facebook page from the kettlebell instructor at my gym.  She was wondering if I was planning to attend class this morning, since the other woman who usually takes it would be out sick.  This is a drop-in class, and I take it whenever I can, but sometimes I’m just feeling too tired and I decide to take a rest day.  Of course, this doesn’t mean any extra sleep; Fridays are trash/recycling day in my neighborhood so my sleep is unfailingly interrupted by the sweet cacophony of my two dogs protecting the house (how’s that for poetic??).  Remembering this, I quickly replied that I was planning to attend (but omitted Jeb’s suggestion that I remind her that I need to function this weekend).  I had trouble sleeping last night, but got up on time and went to the gym.

The Class

I had time for a good warm-up, so I was ready to go when the instructor, Pam, arrived.  We started the workout, and Pam reminded me that I could rest as needed since there were no other participants.  Despite my long week, I felt great.  The longest round of the entire workout included sets of Renegade Rows.  Are you familiar with them?  Here’s a good video description of how to do them:

This guy makes them look easy, but they are NOT!  In the past, I simply hadn’t been able to do them.  They require a combination of strong core stability, shoulder stability, and plain strength while rowing.  I probably haven’t even attempted the exercise in a solid six months, so I was a little nervous.  I also knew that my strength had definitely improved so I decided to go for it.  I was able to get all my reps (except one on the first set) with 20kg!!  It is SO satisfying to have improvement like that!  I eeked out the rest of the workout, and felt energized when I left the gym.


And now, for the weekend…

We got some good news on the personal front this morning, so our moods are more relaxed than they have been in months!  We may run some errands tonight or tomorrow, and maybe even work on some painting and home improvements.  Jeb and I are thinking of having a New Year’s party, so we’re trying to get everything all fixed up.

New Program (and a busy weekend)

I keep thinking that it must be almost Friday…but it’s not.  I have a full week of business before another crazy weekend.  This past weekend FLEW by so quickly.  On Saturday, I had to find a costume for a Halloween party with some of Jeb’s coworkers.  This was (perhaps unnecessarily) stressful for me, since I do not enjoy dressing up in a costume.  I think it feels too “out there” and vulnerable.  Also, Jeb got some fake blood for his costume that was a little TOO realistic.  I wasn’t expecting him to be wearing any makeup yet and when I turned around and saw “blood” leaking out of his ear and mouth, I was nauseated – and freaked out!  (At this point, I want to note that normally, blood does not nauseate me, but I cannot stomach ANYTHING – pain, blood, etc. if Jeb is the one dealing with it) When he saw the look on my face, Jeb washed off the most offensive of the makeup and we went to the party without further incident.  On Sunday, we got up early to help some friends move.  They had a fair amount of stuff and moved in to a 3rd floor apartment!  All of my workouts paid off, though, since I was easily able to keep up with everyone else and get the job done.


I started the new program – The Impact Body Plan – on Saturday too.  Today, I completed the second strength workout.  It is TOUGH.  I think part of the problem is that I hadn’t done anything with this much volume in awhile.  Also, rest times are short, so the cardio aspect is much more difficult than what I had been doing.  Each workout concludes with “Grand Finale Conditioning” which can be done with any kind of cardio – treadmill, elliptical, rower, etc.  On Saturday, I used the rower, and today I pushed the sled.

I’ve decided to change up my training logs.  These workouts are specific and all listed in the book, so instead of blogging the specifics of each workout, I will simply comment on them.  Today was particularly challenging after the busy weekend, but I was happy to push through all of that and have a good workout.  I can’t believe how much of a difference rest times make in the amount of work that can be done.  Normally, I can easily do 10 pushups if I’m rested.  This program requires 20 pushups after 20 weighted lunges.  I had to use a rack to do incline pushups just to get in all the reps.  Hopefully my body will adjust quickly and I will be back on the floor in no time.  The dramatic change in programming is definitely testing my ego, since I have had to drop weight in nearly every exercise.

A Nice Fall Weekend



After a killer workout, Jeb and I walked the dogs at Dunn State Park and then went to my parents’ house to visit Talia and give her the Little Hero Bear we got her last weekend. She loved it! 

Today we’re meeting Jeb’s parents at the Acton Arboretum to walk dogs and have lunch.